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Machine Quilting &

Quilt Services


118 W. MAIN ST. McARTHUR, OHIO 45651


Here at McArthur Quilt Shop we offer longarm quilting services. We have a Tinlizzie Ansley 26 inch. It is equipped with a computerized system.

Preparing Your Quilt For Quilting:

We ask that you bring us your quilt as separate top and back (we carry Quilters Dream batting in the store, but you are welcome to bring your own in if you prefer). Your backing must be larger than your top. We prefer it to be 10 inches bigger than your quilt top. If your quilt is 70 x 80, then you backing needs to be 80 x 90. We request the edges of your back are straight for the loading on the rollers. We also ask that your check for minimal fullness in your borders and your quilt is as square as possible. If your quilt is not square it can lead to wrinkles, folds or waves in your quilt top. A quick check to see if your quilt is fairly square is to fold it in quarters and see if the outsides edges line up well. Or, your can take a square edge such as a ruler or piece of paper and place it on one of your corners. You can lay your quilt flat, on the floor, if there is a wrinkle that you seem to chase around the outside edge and can’t lay flat, then you’ve got a bit of fullness. Please press or starch your quilt so that there aren’t any wrinkles and the seam lay flat. When you bring your quilt in, we will hang in on a hanger to keep any further wrinkles from forming.

Quilt Top

Pressing the back of your quilt top well, making sure that all seams are pressed flat on the back and facing in the desired direction. Cut off any trailing threads from the back of your quilt. You have put a loT of time and effort into your quilt top and would not want to have these threads showing through on lighter areas of your quilt top. Please mark your quilt directions “Top” with a safety pin or any other method so we can stitch your selected quilting pattern correctly. Make sure you have squared up your quilt top.

Quilt Back

The best choices of fabric for your backing would be the same type of fabrics you created your quilt top from. Avoid polyester fabrics as this type of fabric can cause the batting to migrate to the surface of your quilt and may cause tucks and puckering in the quilt. When piecing your backing please make sure all pieces are the same length on the top and bottom so you have a straight cut on each end. Press your seams open on the back, this will create less bulk in those areas as your quilt being quilted. Use of sheets or sheeting is strongly discouraged because it generally causes poor tension and constant thread breakage and may cause your quilt not to look very nice at all times.

Quilt Border Tip

When attacking borders, make the quilt fit the borders, instead the borders fit the quilt. By the time one finishes a quilt top the edges may have stretched somewhat especially if they have any bias piecing. If you measure the edge of your quilt to get your measurements for your borders, you will almost always end up with a quilt that will not hang or lay flat. You may have rippled borders. Ripples borders may not be able to be worked into your quilt top with out taking tucks or pleats. To avoid this, measure your quilt through the center of your top. Then mark both the border strips and the quilt edge in eights. Match pins and ease your quilt to fit borders.


We carry Quilters Dream batting in bags. We have Quilters Dream Deluxe Cotton, Select Cotton, 80/20 cotton polyester, Angel select, Dream Green, Dream Orient and Wool.


We price our quilts by square inch which includes one color of thread. Our all-over patterns are defined as patterns that start at the top edge and are the same over the entire quilt. An all-over patterns are $0.02 per square inch. We do not charge different prices for different all over patterns. Example: if your quilt is 72 x 90 = 6480 (6480 x .02 price of quilting options $129.60). Custom patterns start at $0.04 per square inch and go up from there, depending on the complexity of the pattern.

Potential/optional additional costs

Occasionally, people ask us to assemble back, fix borders and apply binding. These are services we can provide.

* Backing assembly is $10 for a simple assembly per seam. $25 for complexity back assembly * Quilt preparation (fixing borders, pressing seam, trimming excessive thread $20 an hour with a minimum of one hour. * Binding is $.40 a linear inch. You provide the binding. Binding is done by machine on the front and by hand on the back. * 505 Spray Baste $20. If the quilts are not square and flat spray baste helps prevent wrinkles and tucks. It does not entirely eliminate the problems. We are always happy to teach you how to do these things. Please stop or call the shop to schedule a day and time to learn!

Machine Quilting by Mail

We are able to do machine quilting by mail. We recommend that you call the shop (740-596- 2345). All shipping fees will be your responsibility. We will put your quilt in line to be quilted that day we receive it. If you have a deadline or rush job, please be sure to notify us and we can discuss this further via the phone. We recommend just shipping your top and backing (or just you top if you prefer to buy when your backing from us). We will call you when your quilt is finished with the actual shipping charges and the final quilting bill. We can accept credit cards over the phone

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